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Support Black-Owned Businesses

African Americans make up 14% of the U.S. population but have an undeniable buying power and influence on our nation’s economy. According to Nielsen, “black buying power will rise to $1.54 trillion driven by gains in population, income and education. Working-parent lifestyles have led Black people to over-index against the total U.S. population for dollars per buyer spent in a majority of categories.”

How long does money stay in the various communities? 

A dollar circulates:

  • 6 hours in the Black community

  • 17 days in the White community

  • 20 days in the Jewish community

  • 30 days in the Asian community

In an effort to support Black-Owned Businesses this Holiday Season, and keep more of those dollars in the Black Community, Just Me Magazine is offering $5 advertise in the Holiday Catalog.

The catalog will be available to download FREE for consumers.

Donate $5 or more for an one-third page ad, and you can advertise your product, service or event in the Holiday Catalog, with a link to your website or social media page.

For more information

Email: JustMeHolidayCatalog@gmail.com

Check out this 1954 film made to educate white merchants on the spending habits of Black Americans.

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