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Find your fire...
true to who you are...
Inspire along the way...

Alice Boswell

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Do you have a habit of starting a project or task and not finishing it? If the answer is yes, you are not alone, me too. There are plenty of other people with the same habit. Bad habits have a lot to do with our mindset—the mindset of practicing bad habits. But we don't have to continue practicing habits not fitting our business or daily life.


You can finish what you've started before you embark on the next task. You have to plan it out, have a conscious action, and ensure that you can complete it or access people who can help you. Be confident that you have the necessary skills to be a winner.


I embark on many projects in running my business and pursuing my personal goals. I have a good body of experience on how to take projects from start to completion successfully. Here are some tips I would like to pass on to you and three questions for almost every project or task I take on.


Keep the finish line within view as a reminder of why you work so hard. Difficult days help me grow and become even more knowledgeable tomorrow. As each day passes, I am better equipped to meet my goals.


I want to finish what I have started because I am eager to see what I can produce. Thoughts of reaching the end of my task excite me. I envision myself crossing through the goal line with my arms held high like a marathon winner.


My optimistic spirit and passionate drive empower me to defeat the opposition. Blocking out criticism enables me to stay focused on my goal. I crush negativity under my feet so that I may stay on task and complete my responsibilities.


The courage to run to the end of the road is within me. I am strong enough to resist the temptation to waste time on distractions. Distractions interrupt progress and rob me of my time; therefore, I remain focused on my task and ignore disturbances.


Today, I choose to make good use of my time. Instead of saving work for later, I take the opportunity to live in the present and act now. I know what I have to do to finish, and I am determined to do it.

Self-Reflection Questions:


  • How can I make better use of my time?

  • What are the rewards of finishing a task?

  • What can I learn from difficult days?