Learn to Meditate

Meditation is your direct connection to

peace, prosperity and guidance.

Kimberly J. Davis

During these tumultuous times of discord and uncertainty, it is imperative that we begin to use our personal power and talents for the happiness and peace of ourselves and everyone connected us. We can no longer depend upon external forces or people to validate, celebrate, or elevate us to achieve the happiness we desire. There is one sure proof way to get the happiness, love, clarity, peace, and abundance we desire and that’s by going within through meditation.


What is Meditation?

Meditation is a technique for resting the mind. It is the stillness and space in between our thoughts that allows us to go beyond the mind and tap into the true essence of our spiritual being which is peace, happiness and bliss. It allows us to find true inner peace. It is not a religious practice or tied to any particular religion.


What are some of the Myths about meditation?

There are many myths and beliefs about meditation that are not based in truth. Many of these myths prevent us from experiencing all the amazing health and wellness benefits this practice provides. Below are a few myths about the practice of meditation. If any are on your list scratch them off and begin to cultivate your own personal meditation practice.


• Meditation is difficult

• You have to quiet your mind to be successful (find an object to draw awareness to if the mind begins to wander) example ocean

• It takes years of practice to receive benefits

• Meditation is escapism (you are not tuning out, you are tuning in)

• I don’t have enough time

• Meditation requires spiritual or religious beliefs

• I’m supposed to have transcendent experiences in meditation (visions, colors, angels, enlightenment etc.)

What are the basic forms of Meditation?

There are many paths to the end goal of meditation. One size doesn’t fit all. Below are a few methods for beginning your meditation practice. Experiment with each approach to determine which one works best for you.


Guided Meditation – Led by someone else or a recording. It is facilitated through breath, visualization etc. The benefit, is that you can meditate without creating the words and protocols. You have someone there to guide you through the process.


Visualization Meditation – Visualize what you want to manifest or achieve, see yourself as having the experience you desire.


Mantra Meditation - “Mind instrument” or “Vehicle” to help you focus. Repeat a word or phrase for the duration of the meditation. Mantra is focal point. Example: I AM; Love; OM


Breath Awareness Meditation - Find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and focus on breathing (in-hale/Exhale)


4 Easy Steps to Start Your Meditation Practice

1.   Find a comfortable quiet place, sit comfortably with hands in lap, palms facing up or down. You can also do a meditation laying down but not    advisable before bed.

2.   Close your eyes and take 3 Deep Full Breaths to Center your Mind and Body (in through nose, out through mouth).

3.   Draw your awareness to your breath. Only focus on your breathing. If you get distracted go back to your awareness of your breath. Breathe simple and easy. Don’t fight your thoughts. Allow them to flow freely and they will subside.

4.  Do this for 5 Minutes Every Day for a Week, then and 5 more minutes each week.


Incorporating a daily meditation practice into your life, will result in limitless benefits for your mind, body and spirit. It is your own personal power to create a life of peace, happiness, healing and wellness.


• Just Do It! Make it a priority

• Remove false expectations

• Create a ritual – first thing in the morning, before bed, at lunch, in the car etc.

• Practice, Practice, Practice

• Engage in activities that fosters meditation – Yoga, Qi Gong, Walking, Stillness


If you are interested in learning more about meditation or attending a guided meditation practice, the Journey to Wholeness Center facilitates a guided meditation workshop twice a month, every other Sunday. Please check our website for details: www.journeytowholeness.org.


Kimberly J. Davis is the founder & owner of the Journey to Wholeness Center, a holistic healing and wellness center located in Oak Lawn IL.

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