10 Shaper Steps To Success




Hello Shapers! We left off last month on the first step of creating success and that’s by creating a solid strategy. Having a strategy is the first key to unlock the door to the new world you are trying to create for yourself.  When you have the right strategy in place, success will be the end product. Now, we need more than just a strategy to gain the success we are looking for. In order for the strategy to work, we have to TAKE ACTION. This is our second step to move us closer to success.


A lot of us procrastinate when it comes to following through with a plan. In today’s society, so many of us get so caught up into the challenge themes. You know the ones, like the 10-day challenge to do pushups or the 30-day challenge to change your life or to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. Most of the time people can’t even complete these simple challenges because they can’t commit to take action.


We stated that your strategy is the blue print to reshaping your life. Before you can take action, you have to be mentally prepared for the challenges that you will have to face as you go through your journey. Some of these challenges will derail you but it will test your true fortitude. The most important thing is to take action! You will never know what you can accomplish if you don’t.


As you take action and begin your strategy, you are going to struggle out of the gate because this is something new you are subjecting yourself to. It is said it takes 21 days to create a habit and that is exactly what we are working to do. We are working towards a better you. Now using the example from last month you will now take action and start the strategy but you will be adding strict time management to the plan.



1.    Wake - up 5 am-Pray

2.    Workout - 5:30AM-6Am

3.    Breakfast - 6:30am-6:45 AM

4.    Start Day - 7AM


As you continue to tighten up you’re your schedule, you will develop habits of change that will lead you to your success. This all starts by taking action and moving right into step 3, Commitment. Until next month, shape up and shout it out, I am out of shape!


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Dee is the Founder and CEO of Out Of Shape Fitness, a motivational fitness apparel brand. OOSF uses powerful and inspiring messages of motivation to encourage their shapers into working out of the shape they are in and into the best shape that fits their lives. Dee is published author, has a Bachelor of Science in Digital Cinematography and certified social media marketing. New book entitled I Am Out Of Shape will be released Spring 2018.

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