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Chicago, IL | (708) 580-6122 | justmemagazineinfo@gmail.com

ThatGirlOlivia aka Glynisha Shiel a native from Oakland, CA. Moved to Chicago, IL in 2017 to find herself and really learn to be stronger than what she was. In less than a year ThatGirlOlivia has taken the radio industry by storm thus far.


ThatGirlOlivia is now one of your new host on SOUL1063 The Financial Power Hour and part owner of The Ownership Club. She is also a host on Power92, and internship through Illinois Media school and host her own show called BizTalk on windycityunderground.com, and co-host on Jay and The Crew on IntellectualRadio.com.


ThatGirlOlivia has also teamed up with BossLadyPlus2 for a new podcast call 2QueensInAPod....cast. Look out for launch date.


While ThatGirlOlivia is an on-air personality shed is also a marketing and brand contractor. "Bringing the Red Carpet to any occasion is what I do," say ThatGirlOlivia!