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About Us

It's only impossible until it's done. 

Nelson Mandela

Who We Are

Just Me Magazine is a monthly marketing and advertising magazine featuring authentic stories of startups, entrepreneurs, and up-and-coming entertainers. Registered as an LLC in 2019, Just Me Magazine was established in 2012 and offered free services. Going by our name, every story we share has a personal feel.

What We Do

Just Me Magazine understands that the importance of marketing in today’s business landscape cannot be overstated. Besides enhancing sales and revenues, it ensures customers and prospects recognize the products and services being offered. In essence, it is instrumental in influencing the consumers’ behaviors and increases brand awareness thereby sustaining the business's competitive advantage. We also believe that the choice of the advertising platform influences the realization of these goals. That's why we allow you to showcase your brand's value proposition by advertising or featuring your story on our platforms.

We pride ourselves on being the perfect avenue for self-promotion. Our magazines and podcast, which have a large yet diverse audience, give you an opportunity to advertise your product and services at affordable rates. This way, you can rest assured that you will take your business to the next level by creating a pipeline of real and returning customers.

Just Me Magazine also offers tips and regular columns about business, health, and love. We ensure our audiences learn about various brands in the market and enhance their entrepreneurship skills. In addition, they gain some insights on how to stay healthy and captivate their love life.


Why Choose Us

We are governed by the desire to be affordable and authentic. Every page of our magazine and episode of our podcast shares a story told by you. Just Me Magazine guarantees you a return on investment. Want to grow your business or personal brand in a sustainable yet cost-effective way? Visit us today. 



Our mission is to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and entertainers grow their brands by giving them an affordable avenue to market their products and services.



Our vision is to be the regions' champion of the growth of business and personal brands through affordable marketing and advertising.




Just Me Magazine seeks to help businesses and individuals seamlessly take their brands to the next level. That's why we foster team spirit and embrace every challenge. Our audiences are full of loyal consumers. We are ready for continuous improvement and new opportunities to help you grow and learn. 

Customer Focus

We believe that superlative customer satisfaction is instrumental to our success. For this reason, we strive to embrace an environment that cultivates mutuality and loyalty by giving our customers an avenue to tell stories of their brands and showcase their value proposition with a personal feel.

Integrity and Honesty

Just Me Magazine seeks to be dependable and trustable by remaining transparent and impartial. We adhere to all ethical, moral, and legal standards. We serve our customers with dignity, honesty, and courtesy.


We seek to foster growth at the lowest possible prices. Our quality magazines, engaging podcasts, and diverse audiences give you a guarantee for superb performance in an affordable way.

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